Keywords and phrases selection

Keywords and phrases selection for better ranking of your website

This is a service, purposed for clients, who have difficulties to choose the most suitable words and phrases to be ranked for from search engines for their company or personal website.


The selection of proper words and phrases, as well as better ranking for them is the key to success for every website!

Our service includes two options – choosing special words/phrases and extended selection of them.

What is the essence of these two options and why do we recommend them?

1. The selection of specific words / phrases gives the client opportunity to compete to other websites, sharing the same market niche. Most users search for something specific by simply writing down the exact word that defines it best (for example: “cheap excursion”). If the website has good ranking, targeted traffic will appear for sure. It is well known fact that specific and general words generate high volume of traffic. Our basic service includes selection of up to 10 words/phrases.

2. Extended selection of keywords / phrases. The main reason we have added this option to our complex service is that after the specific words come those ones with nearly the same meaning and you can be flexible in their use (for example: if you are searching for “cheap excursion”, somebody else, sharing the same interests could be looking for “all inclusive excursion in Varna”). It is proved that large percentage of the words, written in the search engines are searched for the first time ever. This fact shows that every word / phrase with extended meaning / origin would be keyword or phrase for your sales. Our basic / extended service includes selection of up to 20 words/phrases.

You can choose one of the options and respectively to receive a personal offer for each of them. If you choose to combine both, you will have a real opportunity to cover a wide range of traffic and also to take advantage of our discounts. Optimization of a website won’t be possible without this service. Keywords/phrases selection is in the base of every услуги за популяризация на уеб сайт..

For further questions, concerning prices or any additional information, please contact our услуги за популяризация на уеб сайт. department, using contact details on our website or just call to 0893 73 2379.