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SEO audit

The purpose of SEO audit is companies to receive relevant information about significant events in their sector, related to their Internet popularity. SEO audit provides you with clear judgment for the actual positioning of your website in SERPs (search engine results pages) according to some criterion – keywords and phrases, competitors, etc. The purpose of this action is to analyze the current situation in order to choose the most successful strategy and methods for future ranking in search engines.

Do I need a SEO audit?

Every business wants to be noticed by potential clients no matter where they come from. It is a well known fact that search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing provide large percentage of the traffic to every website. SEO audit is purposed for companies that wish to perform SWOT analysis for their actual situation in the SERPs, only of course they are present there at all.

SEO audit is a service purposed for:

  • Companies with intentions to increase the traffic from search engines to their websites;
  • Marketing departments with recourses and necessity for precise statistics and data to develop successful strategy in the optimization;
  • Clients who need clear view about what is happening around them in this aspect;
  • Companies with budgets beyond their strength for our prices;
  • Businesses, operating in highly competitive environment and every analysis and opportunity is a key for their marketing strategy;
  • Potential clients, who have the knowledge and the resources, but do not have the ability to conduct precise and clear audit.

Increasingly, there are a lot of large and not so large companies, which are sparing budgets, focused in this direction. In fact the results show that every business, which have spent money on SEO of its website, have increased not only the traffic, but also the sales. It is proven and working method, which has gained so much popularity that has already become a leading one in on line positioning.

What is included in SEO process?

  • Analysis of your current rankings in search engines;
  • Reference for number of links, guiding to your website and their quality;
  • Identification of type of traffic (what, where, why);
  • Searching for indexed and not indexed pages;
  • Analysis of competitors and market niche;
  • Preparing statistics for the traffic;
  • Reviewing of traffic resources (objects);
  • Analyzing the efficiency of already applied methods;
  • Preparing of adequate strategy, leading to the desired results.

We will prepare for you detailed report for the present situation of your website in SERPs, your weaknesses and strengths and possible threats. Your SWOT analysis for SEO status of your website will be professionally prepared from our experts in this area.

For further questions, concerning prices or any additional information, please contact our услуги за популяризация на уеб сайт. department, using contact details on our website or just call to 0893 73 2379.


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