Website Development Technologies

As an IT company, proposes to its partners only the last trend technologies.

The platform that we use for building up corporate websites is WordPress. It is the top trend and the fastest developing system for content management, which started as a blog system but changed into instrument for building up all types of websites – from Business Card website to online shop.

For developing online shops we use OpenCart. It is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that responses to 99% of our clients’ needs.

Both platforms are built in PHP and mySQL, and more than 40 000 professional designs are created for them.

Website Optimization Technologies

Part of the implementation of the company’s marketing strategy is based on Internet technologies, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, SEO software products (website visitor statistic programmes, Page Ranks, keyword analysis, etc.), SEO Monitoring Tools (analytical tools for calculating Google AdWords campaign results, other PPC campains, e-mail marketing and an overall SEO effectiveness appraisal), etc.

Frequently asked questions

Many years of experience, and over 150 projects behind, the platforms that we use to create an online stores are many. So, we from, use platforms such as OpenCart, Zen Cart, Magento, Summercart and many others. They are all free open source platforms, but in the same time satisfy 99% of the clients needs and wishes.

This is a free CMS (Content management system) platform, used by millions of users to develop their site on it. It is simple and useful system made specially for managing content easily. Most of our clients use it for their sites.

PHP is the most popular programming language for web projects and mySQL is a server for data bases.

This is a process, where we improving the structure of the site, managing content and adding the needed keywords into it, as well as finding and collecting links to the page. The process has 2 main elements – on page and off page SEO. We offer both of them.

Google Analytics is a free web service provided by Google, which allows to compile detailed statistics about your website traffic. The free version is limited to tracking 10 million pages per month. Owners of websites and companies that have active accounts in Google AdWords have the ability to view an unlimited number of pages. Administrators of web sites can optimize your advertising and marketing campaigns using Google AdWords statistics obtained from Google Analytics, about what are the most popular and therefore arouse interest articles and pages, how long users stay on the site (which is distinctive sign of the search engines of Google, the content on the site is current and relevant) , where relative geographical access your website and of course – which are the most used keywords and phrases consumers.

By using Google Webmaster Tools, you can improve the positions of your website in search results (SERPs-search engine results pages), and it’s free too, relying on detailed reports you receive for your site’s visibility on search engines Google. Google tool diagnoses problems on the site, show you how robots / spiders of Google (crawlers) crawl and index pages, or what are the reasons that prevent search engines to reach them. The application of this technology gives you statistical information about internal and external links pointing to and out of your web site, which detects queries to search engines provide the most traffic and how your users are .

Using these tools, marketers can see which advertising campaigns is the most successful and find new ways to attract the audience of potential customers.

Following the latest trends, we at guarantee that all integrated software, programs and analytical tools working entirely for the benefit of our partners and clients.

Contact us and get an expert advice from professionals with more than 10 years experience in the field.