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What stands for “sponsored posts” ?

Publishing posts and opinions in blogs or a.k.a blogging is one of most popular and available ways to share information, news, events, emotions with all over the world. In our days blogging really is not only sharing information but also a bilateral contact with people, interested in the information we publish or share in our blog.

Blogging exists more than 10 years. The term blog means “Web diary”, and it is an effective online diary. But sometimes it is much more. Everyone is able to create his/her own blog and to take notes in it, that’s the easy part. Blogs also can attract targeted auditorium especially if it is a thematic one. For example: blog dedicated to cars – its visitors are supposed to be people, interested in cars, engines, cars’ power, news about them, etc.

Спонсорирани публикацииSponsored posts really are the articles, which blogger (the owner of the blog) publishes upon payment. They are mostly dedicated to targeted auditorium, attracted by the themes of the blog during the time of its existence (motoring for example). Blogs are usually promoting a brand, product, service, event, news, etc.

Sponsored posts are the perfect way for an advertiser to reach maximum users, covering large part of  the “blogosphere”. It is an effective method for good PR of every brand and company.

Sponsored posts work fine for our business. As a small media site, we wanted to try with this kind of services. We haven’t made a mistake. Thanks to eSale.bg.

Many thanks to digital agency eSale.bg and its team. Because of them, we are now receiving traffic from related blogs, forums. This helps us to increase the popularity of our brand and the positions in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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