PPC Campaigns

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We are going green today 🙂


We will analyse your market and will provide you with effective strategies.


We will start your campaign and will manage it successfully.


We will bring you the result you want and your business needs.

Increase your returns on investments for advertising (Return on Investment – ROI)

We are offering you complete PPC campaign management in order to improve your presence on the Web and minimize the expenses

Starting a PPC campaign is a great opportunity to increase your website traffic. Advertisers, who have decided to rely on such traffic should know that unlike the organic traffic (SEO), the PPC traffic is not for free. You pay for every click on your advertisement. Your right as an advertiser is to define the fixed keywords for which your advertisement should be shown and what should be the maximum cost per click. If you want your advertisement to be active in the competitors niche, the cost per click (a visitor to your website) could exceed a few BGN.

PPC Campaigns

Why do you need professionals to manage your campaign?

Professionally developed campaign will support you in:

  • optimizing of keywords (we will choose only those ones, which really bring potential clients);
  • decreasing the cost per click;
  • increasing the quality of your advertisements (quality score);
  • creating suitable for the type of traffic web pages;
  • analysing in details the traffic and sales.

Depending on your decision, we can manage already created account having good history, or we  can register for you a new account and set it up completely from the beginning. One of our experts will be by your side all the time until the desired result comes. You are going to pay minimum cost for every visitor, pay only for potential buyers and receive a complete idea of what’s happening after the visitor comes to your page.

Isn’t it a wonderful opportunity significantly to increase the profit from your website?

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We used the PPC services of eSale.bg and we are really satisfied with the results we achieved. Our long partnership was effective and we get great ROI from their Google AdWords campaign.

After starting the sponsored campaign in Google AdWords, we haven’t waited a lot for our first clients. In a period of one month, we have received great number of potential client. Many thanks to eSale.bg team.

We didn’t know that one simple Google AdWords and Facebook campaign could bring us so many benefits. The professional job done by eSale.bg gives us much more than we thought. Thanks.

For our campaigns in Facebook and Google AdWords we are always choosing eSale.bg. Their expert team is advanced and experienced. We will continue making effective campaigns with them.

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