CPM Advertising

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What is CPM advertising?

CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPT (Cost Per Thousands Impressions) represents this type of advertisement when advertisers pay for broadcasting of their message to a certain auditorium. “Per thousands” means “per thousands impressions”, which really is the smallest volume unit. Despite this, some impressions could not be counted for reloading or internal action of the user. But many companies capably take advantage of it by including it in all of their Internet campaigns.

Impression concerns how many times the advertisement has been shown to a visitor of a website. Several advertisements could be placed on one web page. This means that one view of web page brings one impression for the advertisement. In order impressions to be counted correctly and deceptions to be avoided, special programs and softwares are used to report all parameters of the campaign. When an advertisement’s rates are described as CPM or index number of visitors’ costs, this represents the amount of money paid for each qualification impressions.

CPM advertising is very similar to the advertisements in usual media channels like: television; radio broadcasting; printable ads, selling advertising spaces on certain places for a certain period of time. This approach offers companies and businesses an unique opportunity for Internet presence.

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