Creative Advertisement

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We are going green today 🙂

Usually conventional advertisements have the opposite and negative effect on the user/spectator. Most people use advertisements to do anything else but watching them. If you present your brand by using standard decision, be sure that most users won’t even think about what was your message.

Good news is that not all advertisements are bad pays special attention on creation of each and every advertisement. The advertisement should effects user’s mind in such manner that will force him to buy your products even if he/she does not need it and that’s our main purpose.

We are guided by our slogan: “There is no second chance to make good first impression”. You have only few parts of the second to catch spectators attention and it is true both for online and offline advertising. That’s exactly the target of well planned and developed creative advertisement- to attract interest to your brand, to be kept long enough in users’ mind and to make him/her buy the product or service in the right moment. If this does not happen, your advertising campaign will fail.

Your advertisement should differentiate from thousands of other, it should be really interesting in order to make people talk about your advertisement, share it on social networks and it should make spectators to want watching it at least once more. But in this situation there is one more circumstance, which more of the advertisers miss being negligent or unknowing – what should stay in spectator’s mind is the advertised product not the other elements of the advertisement. Good example of this is an advertisement with participation of famous people – spectators keep smiling after the ad is gone but do not even notice what exactly was advertised, a product or service, by their idols.